“Stories, like ideas, are gifts which visit the people who are to bring them to life.”



Kylie has always loved stories and comes from a family of avid storytellers and book lovers. For as long as she can remember, she has amused, soothed and entranced herself with stories.

She believes that stories, like ideas, are gifts which visit the people who are to bring them to life, and enjoys nothing more than slipping into the cloak of storyteller in order to document the tales gifted to her.


Kylie is a mother of four children, a credited screenwriter, creative coach, yoga instructor, and the published author of two books. Thaddeus Bix and the Pirates of Pepperjack, and a contributor to the book 365 Ways to connect with your Soul.

More recently, Kylie has completed a women’s contemporary fiction with a duel timeline set during WW2 which entails both her love of history and the intricate weaving of human emotions.

Whilst Kylie is an avid, reader and writer, her real love of being stems from her belief that words hold the greatest of powers, and that story will always matter. So, both should be used in a manner that lifts up and benefits others.


Kylie is currently studying writing and publishing online with Author Academy Elite in the USA and also training with Shantarasa Yoga to better understand the ancient ways of wellness in order to share this spiritual practice with the hearts and minds of others.

“For me, there’s nothing like having a story arrive. That wonderful moment it visits, full of all the magic and intrigue of life. And then when I accept it, embrace it, that feeling of wonder when depicting it upon a page… of capturing all of its emotion, imagery, humour and drama. This then becomes the alluring prelude to something greater. For whilst there is nothing like having a story arrive, there is also nothing like setting it free. That moment of release is beautifully bittersweet. When the story is no longer solely mine to enjoy, but has now become like a wish, set free to find a reader and make its mark on other’s hearts.”

– Kylie Mansfield.